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A common misconception about divorce is that going to court is inevitable. In truth, there are other options that make it possible to avoid litigation. One such option is collaborative law, where each party in the collaboration is represented by a lawyer who is committed to informing and representing his or her client’s interests, yet fostering a process of cooperation and respect between the parties to achieve a workable and equitable result. Attorney Nancy Noyes of the New Haven law firm, the Law Office of Nancy A. Noyes, LLC, has years of experience with collaborative law.

Milford Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Collaborative law offers many benefits. In litigation, the final outcome is determined by a judge, and, as a rule, one side walks away unhappy with the result. In collaborative law, both parties retain a greater measure of control over the outcome, and are able to craft an agreement with the advice and assistance of their collaborative lawyers that satisfies both sides.

Collaborative law encourages both parties to remain civil throughout the process, which is far better for any children who may be involved. It fosters the ability of parents to continue to work together long after the collaborative process is complete.

One of the most tangible benefits of collaborative law is cost-savings. Litigation can be very expensive. Collaborative law allows both parties to keep costs down while optimizing the results.

Lastly, collaborative law is confidential. In litigation, everything that is said in court is captured by a court monitor and goes into a record that is accessible to the public. Collaborative law allows both parties to keep the intimate details of their lives private.

Attorney Noyes works closely with clients to determine whether collaborative law is a viable option.

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