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For many families, crafting the child custody agreement is the most difficult part of divorce. It is also often the most emotional and contentious aspect of divorce. Nancy Noyes is a New Haven child custody attorney who has spent the last 30 years guiding her clients to a new life.

Connecticut law uses the standard of the best interest of the child as its guiding principle, and favors “joint legal” custody, which means that both parents will continue to work together to make major decisions about health, education and welfare of the children. Joint legal custody does not relate to physical custody (which can be referred to as “primary physical” or “shared custody”) – joint legal simply means that the parents will continue to discuss major issues in their children’s lives. If this is not possible, then “sole legal custody” should be sought, where one party is the decision-maker.

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Primary physical custody determines where children primarily live. Parents with joint legal custody will not necessarily be granted shared physical custody. Unless the court awards shared custody, the child will likely have primary physical residence with one parent while the other parent enjoys liberal and reasonable parenting time.

Sole legal custody is granted only when it is completely impossible to have a reasonable conversation with the other parent, or in situations where it is absolutely necessary. Courts will not award sole custody to a parent who is seeking sole custody simply to punish the other parent.

Attorney Noyes works closely with clients to draft parenting plans that work best for everyone involved.

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Attorney Noyes understands how perplexing the laws governing child custody can seem, and she knows how emotionally painful these situations can be. For these reasons, she is committed to helping her clients achieve peace of mind. Contact her office by calling 800-216-2087.

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