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Connecticut Divorce Attorney

Family law governs the most intimate aspects of your life, so when you reach the point where you need help from a lawyer, you are likely experiencing a great deal of anxiety. Connecticut family law attorney Nancy A. Noyes is committed to removing the legal obstacles that stand in the way of her clients’ peace of mind.

New Haven Family Law Attorney

Attorney Noyes is dedicated to providing her clients with cost-effective solutions to divorce, including alternative methods for dispute resolution such as collaborative law and mediation services. She encourages her clients with children to work with their ex-spouses in a way that fosters their ability to continue to work together in the future in the best interest of their children.

As a litigator, she has the kind of confidence that can only be gained by years of experience. When her clients choose litigation, she represents them in court with a polished, forceful demeanor.

Attorney Noyes assists clients with all matters related to divorce, including:

By encouraging her clients to maintain a solution-oriented focus, she is able to help them reduce their anxiety and concentrate on creating a better future.

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Attorney Noyes is dedicated to crafting agreements and resolving disputes as effectively as possible. With 30 years of experience in Connecticut family law, she provides knowledgeable counsel to clients facing complex family law issues. Contact her office in New Haven, Connecticut, at 800-216-2087.

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