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What are the requirements to modify a custody order?

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2021 | Child Custody

Connecticut parents who got divorced when their children were young might need to modify their original custody agreement as time goes on. As children get older and circumstances change, the original custody agreement details may no longer be relevant.

Changing a child custody order in Connecticut is relatively straightforward. Both parents must go through legal means to change the custody order and provide sound reasoning for the modification.

Why would parents change the child custody order?

There are a few reasons for wanting a modification to the existing child custody order. The biggest reason that a parent would request a change is that the child’s best interests are not currently being met with the current custody agreements.

If it’s believed that one parent wouldn’t be able to support the child financially or emotionally, then the court may award custody to the other parent. As the parents’ circumstances change, the court might consider a custody modification on a few occasions.

Requesting a child custody modification can also come down to a matter of convenience. As children’s needs change, it might be easier or harder to have specific custody arrangements.

What do parents need for a modification?

One or both parents must apply for a child custody modification through the Connecticut court. When applying for modification, they must state the reasons for the modification request.

The court will look at both parents’ circumstances before approving or denying a modification request. Some of the aspects affecting approval can include the existing relationship between the parents and the children, the parents’ job and living arrangements, and, most importantly, the child’s individual needs.

Best interests for the child are determined by looking at various aspects of the child and parent’s lives. This includes looking at how much of an adjustment the child will have to go through with this modification, whether the child wants the custody order modified, and the parents’ ability to spend quality time with the child.

Every modification request is different. It’s essential to work closely with the family to determine what each parent wants and what would be in the child’s best interest.