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What are the benefits of a mediated divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2019 | Uncategorized

If you decide in favor of divorce, it’s safe to assume you’re no longer getting along with your spouse. And for that reason, you believe that a litigated divorce is your only option.

While it’s possible that your case could end up in court, don’t give up on mediation before it starts. There are many benefits of this approach, including but not limited to:

  • Save money: You can typically save money by opting for a mediated divorce, which is something that both individuals are likely interested in. It doesn’t mean you won’t spend any money to divorce, but it’s often less than if you go through litigation.
  • Save time: It’s your hope to put your divorce behind you as quickly as possible. Mediation is generally faster and more efficient than litigation, which saves you time and puts less stress on you.
  • Reduced emotional toll: No matter how you decide to divorce, it will take a toll on your emotional state along the way. However, in mediation, since it’s more informal, the emotional toll isn’t nearly as intense. Not only does it reduce stress and tension during the process itself, but it does the same in the future. This is a big deal if you’ll be co-parenting with your ex post-divorce.
  • More power: When you head to court, you give up a lot of control. At this point, the family law judge has control over the process, meaning they could make decisions you don’t agree with. Mediation gives you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse full control, which is something you want.
  • Protect your children: Divorce doesn’t just affect you and your ex. Your children are also in the line of fire, especially if the process turns nasty. You can protect your children’s well-being by opting for mediation over litigation.

The key to successful divorce mediation is the willingness to negotiate and compromise. If both of you are willing to seek out middle ground, you’ll eventually be happy with the end result.

As your first mediation session closes in, continue to learn more about your legal rights while preparing your case accordingly. Doing so will put you on track to taking advantage of all the benefits of mediation.