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Understanding domestic violence law in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2019 | Uncategorized

Everyone has the right to feel safe around the people with whom they live or have relationships. Unfortunately, many relationships with family or household members involve aspects of violent behavior, coercion or manipulative threats.

If violent, threatening or harassing behavior has been perpetrated by a family or household member toward you, it’s imperative that you make sure to gain the protection to which you and your dependents are entitled.

Each state has different laws when it comes to domestic violence and abuse. If you reside in Connecticut, it is important that you make yourself aware of the domestic violence laws that are applicable to your situation.

Under what circumstances can a protective order be obtained in Connecticut?

Protective orders are designed to provide relief from physical abuse or stalking from members of the victim’s family or a household member. You will be able to obtain a protective order in Connecticut if you have been threatened with injury or stalked habitually or continuously by a family or household member.

What is meant by the term “family or household member”?

Protective orders can only be obtained to protect a victim from a family or household member. This term is an intentionally broad one, and it can be used to describe anyone with whom you have been in a romantic relationship, anyone to whom you are related by blood or marriage, and anyone you have lived with in the past or present.

How long do protective orders last in Connecticut?

The maximum amount of time a protective order can be valid for is one year. However, if the threat is still present at the end of the term, the court has the power to use their own discretion in extending it.

How could a protective order affect child custody?

All child custody cases are assessed with many different factors taken into account. The existence of a protective order could have an impact on a child custody ruling if the court believes that there could be a risk to the child’s safety.

If you believe that you may be a victim of domestic violence or abuse in Connecticut, it’s important that you prioritize your own safety by gaining a protective order.