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6 warning signs of divorce: Keep an eye out for these

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2019 | Uncategorized

Deep down inside you know if you’re happy with your marriage or need to make some type of change. If you’re thinking about asking for a divorce, there’s something wrong with your marriage and you need to deal with it accordingly.

It’s common to have mixed feelings about your marriage. One day everything is fine, but the next you run into problem after problem.

If you’re on the fence about what to do, here are six warning signs of divorce:

  • You’re generally unhappy: Sure, you have good days from time to time, but, for the most part, you are unhappy in your marriage.
  • You’re always looking for a fight: Even when there’s nothing going on, you and your spouse seem to find something to fight about. Most of the time, your arguments stem from minor disagreements that aren’t really that big of a deal.
  • You look for reasons to hide: For instance, you stay at work late so you don’t have to eat dinner with your spouse. Or maybe you sit in your car upon arriving home, acting like your taking a work call because you don’t want to face your spouse.
  • Your loved ones are chiming in: You may not be the only person who realizes something is wrong. Your loved ones may also see trouble in your marriage. If they’re telling you to consider divorce, it’s time to get serious about your relationship.
  • You live more like roommates than husband and wife: This can include everything from sleeping in separate rooms to constantly walking past each other without exchanging pleasantries.
  • You don’t feel comfortable in your own home: There are many reasons for this, ranging from fear of starting an argument to the potential for some form of violence.

These are far from the only warning signs of divorce, but they have long been among the most common.

If you decide to ask for a divorce, take these steps:

  • Discuss your feelings with your spouse
  • Outline the next steps in the process
  • Protect your personal and financial safety at all times
  • Avoid discussing the details of your divorce (property division, child custody, child support, etc.) until mediation

It’s never too late to save your marriage, but if you decide to divorce it’s important to take the right steps as to protect your legal rights.