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Mediation can help you finish a divorce faster and for less money

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2017 | Blog

For many married people, the thought of filing for divorce can be quite intimidating. Almost everyone has heard horror stories about how divorce can end up lopsided and unfair, even when the courts determine the outcome. You may also worry about dragging your kids through a protracted court battle with your spouse. If you can’t agree to terms about asset division and child custody, you may believe a court-based divorce is your only option.

Before you prepare yourself for a drawn-out and contentious divorce, you may want to consider mediation. Mediation allows both spouses to work together to set the terms in a divorce. This allows you to avoid a lengthy and expensive court-based divorce while also ensuring that you are both happy with the final outcome of the process.

Mediation empowers you through compromise

During mediation, both spouses work with their individual attorneys, as well as a neutral third party, to work through all of the outstanding decisions and terms in the divorce. While the process tends to move most quickly when everyone can sit down together, in cases where emotions are high, the mediator can serve as an intermediary. The spouses don’t even need to be in the same room to work out solutions for their divorce.

Instead of attempting to build a case that could convince the Connecticut family courts to rule in your favor, you can focus on the terms, concessions and assets that are most important to you. This means the entire process will take much less time.

Both you and your spouse can focus on creating a workable solution to all of the unresolved issues from your marriage, including asset division, child custody, child support and even alimony. Once those terms are set, you can file for an uncontested divorce, which moves much more quickly.

Mediation builds a foundation for the future

In cases where a couple shares children, it’s unlikely that they can move on from their marriage without needing to interact with one another in the future. Special events, birthdays, holidays and even high school graduations could end up stressful and unpleasant for all involved if the now-divorced parents are quietly seething at one another.

Mediation won’t solve the discord that led the couple to divorce. However, it can help divorcing couples focus on the future, instead of the past. By working together to set reasonable and agreeable terms for your divorce, you can forge a new dynamic that can aid you as you co-parent together in the future.

Not only will this make the divorce easier for you and your ex, it will reduce the strain divorce causes on the children in your family. Your children will see you working together as a unit instead of fighting against one another.