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Creating the right parenting agreement is a big deal

A divorce isn't something you hope to go through, but if you find yourself in this position, it's best to take all the right steps at the right time. This is even more important if you have a child with the other person, as you need to keep their best interest in mind throughout the process.

Creating the right parenting agreement is a big deal, as this will keep everyone in line in the future. With this in place, both parents, as well as the child, will have a clear idea of what to expect and what's to come.

What considerations are present for custody during the holidays?

The holiday season requires planning for many people. When you have a child custody agreement, you might find that there are more considerations than if you and your ex were still living together. Starting early to get this done can help you figure everything out without rushing at the last minute.

Depending on the situation, there are many factors that you need to sort through. Many require you to work with your child's other parent to come up with the specifics of the holiday season. Here are some pointers to help you get started:

It’s possible a prenuptial agreement could be invalid

When you create a prenuptial agreement, you do so with the idea that it will provide some protection in the event of a future divorce. Unfortunately, there are mistakes that can make this agreement invalid.

With the help of a prenuptial agreement, both individuals entering the marriage can take advantage of many benefits. However, if you don't create a prenuptial agreement in the appropriate manner, the court could find it invalid in the future.

Child support modification: The steps you must take

There may come a point when making your child support payments is no longer feasible. While you realize your financial situation has changed for the worse, you shouldn't assume that the court will be on the same page. The New Haven family law judge who presided over your case won't know that anything has changed unless you bring it to the court's attention.

Once you decide to seek a child support modification, here are the steps you must take:

What should you expect during divorce mediation?

As you move through your divorce, you should never expect everything to go as planned. Even with a solid strategy in place, things can and will move to the forefront that throw you for a curve.

Fortunately, when you get involved with divorce mediation, you have more control over the process. This is in comparison to litigation, during which a judge is in position to make legally binding decisions.

Getting through a gray divorce: What to expect

Getting older is nothing like you expected. You're happy and healthy, enjoy lots of activities and have friends and hobbies you love. Despite that, there are some things you're not happy about, one of which is that your husband wants to get a divorce.

In your 50s, you'll be part of a movement of people getting divorces in later life. Known as "gray divorces," these divorces involve individuals who are older and potentially on second or third marriages. Many have children, high assets and retirement concerns.

Can a prenuptial agreement help determine child custody?

Prenuptial agreements are useful for many things, but figuring out custody arrangements before you have children or before the possibility of a divorce is not something they are meant to address. If you think about it, planning that far in advance would be detrimental to both the children and their parents. The situation the parents face now may be completely different at the time of a divorce. Children grow and change as well, requiring special care and having different needs.

Although prenuptial agreements won't help with child custody or parenting arrangements before a divorce, they do help with past children. For example, if you want to provide for children you bore during in a previous marriage or relationship, you could use a prenuptial agreement that addresses your estate plan and protects your heirs.

Signs that you're a victim of domestic violence or abuse

One of the most difficult aspects of domestic violence is the denial of victims. It can take a long time for a victim to realize that he or she is being subjected to unlawful and immoral behavior. This is especially the case when victims love their abusers so much that they dismiss or ignore the abuse as it gradually worsens.

Hopefully, the victim will eventually "wake up" and take action to either get away from his or her abuser or get appropriate help from police if getting away is difficult or dangerous.

3 reasons why you should seriously consider a prenup

If you are thinking about marriage, you should also be thinking about a prenuptial agreement. These marital agreements are becoming increasingly popular, especially for people who have already been down Divorce Road, those with blended families and others who have high-value assets, such as a business, to protect.

Unfortunately, some people drag their feet when it comes to creating a prenuptial agreement. For instance, you could be worried about how your fiancé will react to the idea of a prenup or maybe you worry that having a marital agreement will doom your impending marriage. However, these reasons for creating a prenup might be enough to convince you to get the ball rolling.

Consider these things when planning your gray divorce

Not all divorces are created equal. For example, a couple in their mid-twenties without children or extensive assets will have a much different divorce than someone over the age of 50 who owns a house in New Haven and is close to collecting a pension. In other words, if you are getting ready for a gray divorce, there are many things you will have to consider.

Taking the time to plan and examine certain details can be helpful in getting ready to move forward with a gray divorce. Here are some of the things you may want to consider when building your checklist for keeping your preparations on track.

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